How to Treat Premature Ejaculation without Numbing Anything

Avoid numbing creams and medication side effects with the newest tech to permanently conquer PE in a matter of weeks.

Orgasm control is actually a skill in which men can learn how to voluntarily decide when they want to finish with a partner. You could call it a super skill…

It’s true.

Premature ejaculation is often treated with creams and sprays but why would you want to numb the best part?

or pills with too many side effects… that can actually DECREASE your desire…

Imagine an AI-powered video game app connected to an anatomically realistic device with warming, vibrating, and suctioning abilities…

Get coached by the app & practice with the device

What do you really want?

- the power to decide when you want to finish

- the look of gratitude and satisfaction in your partner’s eyes

- the reputation of a marathon man

That all comes with conquering PE through exercises that build your awareness around how you body works and how to exercise control over your climax.

We’ve combined clinically proven methods with Artificial Intelligence and gamified tech to improve PE in thousands of men.

  • Prevent Premature Ejaculation (PE):

    Master your own climax to avoid Premature Ejaculation (PE). Become intimately familiar with how your body works on your own time.

  • Be Fully Present:

    Leave behind performance anxiety and live in the moment.

  • Amplify Intensity:

    Use the training to build the intensity of your experience like never before.

  • Bridge the Timing Gap:

    Create harmony and closeness in your sexual relationship

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Where Sexual Health Meets Cutting-Edge Technology

Introducing MYHIXEL - Your Path to Mastery

MYHIXEL is the perfect fusion of health and innovate technology.

Developed by medical experts, this scientifically proven method empowers with the combination of a stimulation device and revolutionary mobile app.

MYHIXEL's method is entirely natural and free from any side effects, providing a safe and effective solution for overcoming premature ejaculation.

Proven Techniques to Last Longer and Achieve Fulfillment

1. The Start-Stop Method

Achieve control with the simple yet effective "Start-Stop" method. When you sense the brink of orgasm, you or your partner can temporarily pause stimulation. By shifting the focus of sexual activity or teasing other erogenous zones, you can delay ejaculation. This technique conditions your body to the situation, enabling you to achieve greater control. However, it is important to stop before the "point of no return" to maintain control over ejaculation.

2. The Squeeze Method

Refine your control with the "Squeeze" method, an enhancement of the Start-Stop technique. As stimulation is halted, you or your partner gently squeeze the area between the shaft and the head of the penis. This immediate and effective pause in sexual stimulation helps in gaining control over ejaculation. Keep in mind that the squeeze method may lead to a slight reduction in erection, which could be challenging for those with sexual dysfunction or difficulty maintaining an erection. It is more suitable for masturbation or oral sex than for intercourse.

3. Creams, Sprays, Condoms…

Decrease penile sensitivity to regulate your orgasm by using topical treatments. Numbing creams, lubes, or sprays applied directly to the penis before using a condom can help you stay focused and delay ejaculation. Specialized thicker condoms designed to reduce sensations are also available, some even including desensitizing agents. However, these solutions come with a trade-off, as they may decrease your own sexual pleasure and impact the quality of your erection. Furthermore, they can numb your partner's erogenous zones, hindering their ability to climax. Remember, these solutions provide temporary relief and may lead to worsening control once their effects wear off.

4. Trying Different Positions

Explore new heights of pleasure and control by experimenting with various sexual positions. Certain positions, such as spooning or side-to-side, can help prolong your endurance and delay orgasm. Discover the article "5 Sexual Positions for Men to Enjoy Better Sex" to find exciting positions that enhance your sexual experience.

5. MYHIXEL: The Permanent Solution

Embark on a journey to control your ejaculation with MYHIXEL. This scientifically proven methodology is specifically designed to help you master the art of lasting longer. By combining a revolutionary mobile app with a penile stimulation device, MYHIXEL allows you to train yourself wherever and whenever you desire. Developed in collaboration with experts from the Murican Sexology Institute, it harnesses the collective experience of doctors and sexologists, enriched by cutting-edge technology.

Further reading: An In-Depth Analysis of MYHIXEL as the Ultimate Solution for Ejaculatory Control.

Moreover, MYHIXEL is entirely natural and free from any side effects. Discover how MYHIXEL can transform your sexual experience by clicking here.

MYHIXEL has been featured in…

Launched in 2019, MYHIXEL has helped thousands of men take control of such an important part of their lives. The added AI has improved the user experience, and received overwhelming support from the media:

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    This app is a wonder for men looking to improve their intimate health through sports.

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     Life Changing! The program is comprehensive and provides a structured approach to help me gain control over my issue.

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    After years of suffering from PE, I have finally found something that really works. I had even tried numbing creams, but nothing has worked as well as MYHIXEL. Now I last longer and feel better about myself.

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    I'm knocking it out of the park now. My confidence and dignity have been restored.

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    If you suffer from PE, this is a really effective solution!

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    I bought it out of curiosity and without high expectations, but it has surprised me for the better. They educate and teach you with the app, that’s the part that I liked the most. The important thing is that it worked for me.

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  • Dr. Jesús Rodríguez

    “Two thirds of the patients who participated in our latest study have stopped suffering from premature ejaculation.”

    Sex Therapist
  • Borja Rodríguez

    “Projects like MYHIXEL are always welcome in the field of Sexology.”

    Sex Therapist
  • Dr. Karin S. Eilber

    “MYHIXEL offers men an effective therapy for PE that they can do in the privacy of their home with support from the MYHIXEL team.”


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