MYHIXEL: Device & App with AI for Mastering PE

Improve the most important part of your life with a fun and easy 8-week training program + realistic device

  • Physical Training for PE
  • Gamified AI App
  • Anatomically Realistic
  • Warming and Vibration 
  • Extend Duration up to 7x Longer
  • 97% Program Completion Rate
  • No medications with side effects
  • No numbing creams or sprays
  • 1

    This app is a wonder for men looking to improve their intimate health through sports.

  • 2

    Life Changing! The program is comprehensive and provides a structured approach to help me gain control over my issue.

  • 3

    After years of suffering from PE, I have finally found something that really works. I had even tried numbing creams, but nothing has worked as well as MYHIXEL. Now I last longer and feel better about myself.

  • 4

    I'm knocking it out of the park now. My confidence and dignity have been restored.

  • 5

    If you suffer from PE, this is a really effective solution!

  • 6

    I bought it out of curiosity and without high expectations, but it has surprised me for the better. They educate and teach you with the app, that’s the part that I liked the most. The important thing is that it worked for me.

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  • 3-7x Longer

    MyHixel users that finish the training last 3-7 times longer.

  • New Skill

    Acquire new skills to increase intimacy more and live out new horizontal experiences.

  • Enjoy Yourself

    Learn how climax when you want while having fun.

  • Reach New Heights

    Use the games in the Play app to level up

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  • 15,000+ sold

    More than 15,000 units sold

  • 40+ countries

    Sold in more than 40 countries

  • 97% finishers

    More than 97% of users finish the program

What is MYHIXEL?

MYHIXEL is a pioneering, disruptive male sexual health brand which offers tech & science based solutions for improving men’s sex life.

We’ve combined innovation, technology, and science to make a wide range of products and services available to men, with the aim of improving their sex lives in a holistic way.

A unique therapeutic method that addresses premature ejaculation and climax control

Allows men to control ejaculation without pills or numbing creams which could have side effects.

Thanks to this method men can see they can control when they ejaculate.

It combines a unique masturbation aid device with a specific 8-week exercise program to control ejaculation, all contained within a single app.

  • 1

    Commit to learning your body and following through.

  • 2

    Shipped in discreet packaging, you’ll receive your device within 5-7 days.

  • 3

    Answer important questions to configure your program and start your adventure.

  • 4

     Improve your control while your progress is tracked in the app.

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  • Scientific engineering:

     A group of international medical health professionals designed both the device and app

  • Bluetooth connection:

    Get accurate data in real time

  • Anonymous data collection: 

    Guaranteeing privacy is a non-negotiable

  • Holistic approach:

    Get tips and content about mindfulness, nutrition, and working out plans with your program

  • AI and machine learning: 

    Along with gamification, AI provides you with an adaptive experience that fits your needs while progressing through the program using the app

  • The most realistic sensation: 

    Innovative design cutting-edge technology, high quality materials, and improved vibration and warming systems

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  • 1

    Nothing comparable to other devices…

    I ordered the product and was positively surprised, although the price is a bit high. However, wit the app you can get a lot out of it, nothing comparable to other devices.

    The package arrives in discreet packaging… high quality material. I received a quick response when I connected with customer service. I will continue to test it for results and improvements.

  • 2

    Worth it

    To be honest, I´ve known the company for a while and had my doubts but in the end, I dedicated to give it a try and it has definitely been worth it. The quality is good, the advertised technology is also good, and I really like the app, it´s very sleek. I´m still getting through the exercises, but I’m making progress and feeling confident about it. Additionally, the app includes recipes and fitness exercises that I didn't expect, but they are another plus. I highly recommend it!

  • 3

    Such a good thing to try!

    Such a good thing to try if you need some help! App usability is really user-friendly. Btw, nice people working in customer service!

    I am going to give some updates in the future.

  • 4

    Premature ejaculation? Pfft… this is a game changer!

    I didn't struggle with premature ejaculation, but I still wanted to learn how to last longer in bed, I mean who doesn't? MYHIXEL was a game changer. The device feels like the real deal and it really helps with training and controlling ejaculation. I think it's the best investment one can make in their sexual wellness journey!

  • 5

    A very effective product

    This is an excellent product that works with an app to provide training to help men last longer in bed, The MYHIXEL device is very natural and if you follow the program on the app you gradually improve your performance. You need to persevere and follow the program to the end but if you do so it is extremely effective. I had a slight problem with a fault in the sleeve that came with the product but they quickly provided a replacement at no cost. I cannot recommend this product too highly for anyone suffering from PE.

  • 6

    I bought it out of curiosity and without high expectations, but it has surprised me for the better. They educate and teach you with the app, that’s the part that I liked the most. The important thing is that it worked for me.

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    This shipment is sent in a discreet package without images or logos.


    Secure online payment system. Our shop is 100% secure.


    Over 15,000 happy customers worldwide

Frequently asked questions

1. What makes MYHIXEL different from other treatments?

MYHIXEL has been scientifically tested. It offers you the most innovative program in the field of PE control without using medication, losing sensitivity, or any side effects. By using the MYHIXEL method, you will reach a higher level of control in a natural way, while at the same time, increasing your confidence and self-esteem.

2. Do I need a medical prescription before using MYHIXEL?

A medical prescription is not needed to use the MYHIXEL device and app. This method is completely natural and does not pose any kind of health risk.

3. How long does it take to see results with this product?

Most users see improvement, lasting 3-7x longer, by week 8 of the program.

4. Is this product safe to use?

MYHIXEL is completely safe to use with no side effects.

5. What is the return policy for this product?

You’ll love your progress with MYHIXEL. If you don’t, we’ll refund the purchase price in the first 30 days, no questions asked.

The device also has a two-year manufacturing defects warranty for any failure of electronic components.

MYHIXEL Play App with AI Technology

The ultimate solution to improve climax control through gamification.

  • Automatic Data Transfer from the Device
  • Real Time Tracking
  • AI Machine Learning
  • Encrypted Data
  • Exercises, Nutrition Guide, Mindfulness Training, and more
  • Personalized Training

MYHIXEL Play is the first app to use the AI to improve men's sexual health.

The original MYHIXEL Play program consists of an 8-week therapy program - designed by sexual health professionals after years of research - that has been gamified and integrated into this app.

AI used in the app customizes your Play CONTROL program, making it 100% adapted to your needs. 

This allows you to keep track of your results in real time and follow how you improve.

The activities & exercises included in this 8 weeks program are performed along with the device, so men get trained in controlling climax in the most realistic way ever by progressively learning and becoming aware of the climax mechanism.

Weekly plan

Here you can find a weekly plan which includes:

  • The specific weekly activity for controlling your climax: train with it 3 times a week.
  • Nutrition area: Here you can find information about “superfoods” and recipes on a weekly basis.
  • Weekly working out (cardio + strengthen + pelvic floor exercises) specifically designed to complement the climax control activities for that week.
  • Mindfulness: Tips and advice to include in your weekly routine.
  • Weekly statistics

30-day money-back guarantee!

You’ll love your progress with MYHIXEL. If you don’t, we’ll refund the purchase price in the first 30 days, no questions asked.

Cutting-edge technology in design and manufacturing. 

What’s in the MYHIXEL device:

Improved warming system

The main shaft and base warms up to body temperature, ensuring the sensation feels real and extremely comfy. It only takes 5 minutes, and you’re ready to rock.

Improved vibration mode

Our vibration mode is constant and gentle, as it was specifically designed to get the penis glans used to stimulation.

IPX7 Waterproof

You can submerge it into water for an easier and more effective clean!

Bluetooth connection

The device and app are connected through Bluetooth. You can turn the vibration & warming systems on and off via the app, and, most importantly of all, this connectivity means that your records are kept automatically as you progress through the program. It also has a manual mode option.

Movement and speed sensors

Accelerometer and gyroscope sensor to measure specific parameters related to your program to help you control climax.

Supported by the medical community

Urologists, sex therapists, andrologists, therapists, pelvic floor specialists, and pharmacists all agree, the MYHIXEL solution for climax control is an excellent choice.


    “Two thirds of the patients who participated in our latest study have stopped suffering from premature ejaculation.”

    Dr. Jesús Rodríguez
    Sex Therapist

    “Projects like MYHIXEL are always welcome in the field of Sexology.”

    Borja Rodríguez
    Sex Therapist

    “MYHIXEL offers men an effective therapy for PE that they can do in the privacy of their home with support from the MYHIXEL team.”

    Dr. Karin S. Eilber