About Us

MyHixel is a leading brand in male sexual health. Its pioneering methods offer scientifically-proven medical solutions for male sexual wellness. We aim to help men, and their partners, to feel more satisfied and happy with their sex lives.

MyHixel is a real revolution for men. We can help them to significantly improve their sexual well-being and health in an enjoyable and pleasant way: a #nextlevel pleasure.

How do we do it? Well, we’ve put innovation and technology within the reach of all men and all our solutions are based on international pioneering research led by recognized professionals in sexology, medicine, and technological innovation.

With this philosophy in mind, MyHixel offers you two options for ejaculatory control. MyHixel MED, a natural alternative for premature ejaculation, and MyHixel TR, a solution that allows men to enjoy sex more through ejaculatory control.

In addition, we want to cover any male need related to his intimate well-being, by complementing our solutions with accessories such as lubricant, cleaner for the MyHixel I device, or MyHixel MAX, the natural supplement that enhances ejaculatory control.

Aiming to ensure that men enjoy full sexual health, we continue to work and research for the development of other solutions that can cover any sexual concern of men, hoping that someday all the stigmas surrounding male sexuality will have disappeared.